The Town of Germantown government consists of a five person Town Board, including a Supervisor, elected to four year terms.  Additionally there is a Town Court, and an appointed Zoning Board of Appeals,  Planning Board and History Department.  The town also has a small police force, fire department and Highway Department.  The volunteer Economic Development Committee, Parks and Recreation Commission, Public Safety Commission,the Communications Committee and Sidewalk Committee provide additional support.  Town Hall general office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Title Name Contact Info
Supervisor Robert Beaury O / 518-537-6687
Deputy Supervisor Ron Moore II O / 518-537-6687
Town Council Member Brittany Dufresne O/ 518-537-6687
Town Council Member Austin Sullivan O / 518-537-6687
Town Council Member John Kukon O / 518-537-6687
Administrative Assistant
Mon-Thurs: 8am-12pm
Janet Crawford O / 518-537-6687
Town Justice Honorable
John Rustici
O / 518-537-6687
Town Justice Honorable
Wendy Nack-Lawlor
O / 518-537-6687
Town Clerk Joyce Vale O / 518-537-6687
Assessor Ralph DelPozzo H / 518-537-4200
O / 518-537-6687
Tax Collector Janet Crawford O / 518-537-6687
Highway Superintendent Richard Jennings O / 518-537-6686
Deputy Highway Supeintendent Anthony Cidras O / 518-537-6686
Maintenance Anthony Cidras O / 518-537-2700
Sewer George Sharpe O / 518-537-3700
Historian Susan Raab O / 518-537-3600
Planning Board Chairman Stephen Reynolds O / 518-537-6687
Zoning Board Chairman Ed Colwell O / 518-537-6687
Park Commission Brittany Dufresne O / 518-537-6687
Building Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer
Sam Harkins O / 518-537-6687
C / 914-388-6949