Boards and Committees

Planning Board



Tim Otty, Chair

Kerrie Abela

George Sharpe

Lauren Williams

Emil Erickson

Chris Brown

Jen Crawford

Zoning Board of Appeals Teresa Repko, Chair

Randy Phelan

Amy Jo Davison

Joe Guida

Town Board Committees:
Town Government

Planning, Zoning, Court, Town Clerk & Administration

Robert Beaury

Kaare Christian

Highway John Kukon

Austin Sullivan

Economic Development Committee Amy Davison – Chair

Sarah Suarez

Tracy Martin

Lu Ray Tate

Margaret Della Cioppa

Mary MacGill

Genette Picicci Oehlke

Tony Albino

Teresa Repko

Waterfront Advisory Committee Kaare Christian – Co Chair

Martin Overington

Christina Bohnsack

John Balazs

Billy Shannon

Phil Williams

Elizabeth Bathrick

Jo Hills

Tony Albino

Parks, Recreation & History

(Check Calendar for meeting dates & times)

Sarah Suarez

Kaare Christian


Maintenance John Kukon

Robert Beaury

Ballfields and Camp Austin Sullivan

John Kukon

Communications & Technology Sarah Suarez

Austin Sullivan

Budget & Finance Robert Beaudry

Austin Sullivan

Ad Hoc As Necessary


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